Thursday, February 7, 2013

My First LiveCode Dream

To be honest, this wasn't my first LiveCode dream, but it made for a good title for a blog posting. I dreamt of a great mobile app that could be done easily in LiveCode. I actually worked out a very interesting design and I awoke feeling like I had come up with a great idea. The app would hold all of one's various user names and passwords. I even thought of an interesting way to "encrypt" these data so that what would be revealed on the mobile device screen would be safe from "prying eyes." For example, an option would be to show just the first letter and any numbers. So, a password such as "Password18" would appear as "P*******18", enough to remind the user of the particular password.

But alas, my hope of stumbling on an app idea that would make a million dollars was quickly dashed when I did a search in the Apple App store and found a multitude of apps that do this very thing. And, they all had much more creative options and features than the design that emerged from my dream. For example, most include something they called "military style encryption," which I'm pretty sure is a tad more sophisticated than what I described above. Each seems to also have the capability to go and log the user in to each of the respective Websites.

Oh well. But, I think I will go ahead and create a little file that uses some basic list processing commands of LiveCode to do the "encryption" idea above. It sounds like an interesting little project. Check back later for the code.

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