Saturday, December 7, 2013

LiveCode 6.5 Now Offers Automatic Scaling

LiveCode 6.5 was just released with a new feature that certainly has my attention -- automatic scaling of applications on mobile platforms. The more precise term for this, or at least the one the company is using, is resolution independence.

To learn more, check out the following web site:

Better yet, check out this short video:

This is a rather big deal. This means that one's application, designed for one screen size such as the iPhone, will now scale automatically if used on the iPad, iPad-mini, or on the myriad of screen sizes found on the Android platform.

Disclaimer: I have not yet tried working with this new feature, so I'm just trusting the company's information at this point.

To take advantage of this feature, only one line of code is needed within a preOpenStack handler:

on preOpenStack
     set the fullscreenmode of this stack to "exactFit"
end preOpenStack

Below is a copy and paste of excerpts about the fullscreenmode property from the LiveCode dictionary:

And I quote...


set the fullscreenmode of stack to {empty|"exactFit"|"letterbox"|"noBorder"|"noScale"}

Sets the full screen scaling mode of a stack.

set the fullscreenmode of this stack to empty
set the fullscreenmode of this stack to "noScale"

Use the fullscreenmode property to choose the most appropriate full screen scaling mode for the application.

empty - The stack is resized (not scaled) to fit the screen. (default) This is the existing behavior.
"exactFit" - Scale the stack to fill the screen. This stretches the stack if the aspect ratio of the screen does not match that of the stack.
"letterbox" - Scale the stack, preserving the aspect ratio, so all content is visible. Some blank space may remain if the screen and stack aspect ratios do not match.
"noBorder" - Scale the stack to fill the screen, preserving the aspect ratio. If the stack and screen aspect ratios do not match, the left / right or top / bottom extremes of the stack are not visible.
"noScale" - The stack is not scaled, but is centered on the screen instead.

The fullscreenmode returns the mode to which this property is set.

There are multiple ways in which a stack can be resized or scaled to take full advantage of the available screen space. fullscreenmode allows the developer to choose the most appropriate for their application.

Note: The fullscreenmode only takes affect when a stack is full screen. This is the case on mobile platforms where stacks are always full screen, or on the desktop when the fullscreen property of the stack is set to true.

The full screen scaling mode is available on all desktop and mobile platforms and operates independently from Hi-DPI support.

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