Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lloyd's Video Analysis Tool: Windows Version Update (I think it's working now)

First, a Special Note to Some of My Facebook Friends...

I'm sharing this post with a new group of people, namely my professional friends on Facebook. I've been use a software tool called (short for "deliver it") to automatically share my blog postings on LinkedIn and Twitter. I've now set it up to also share my blog postings to Facebook, but only to my friends who are connected in some way to the instructional technology profession. 

I do this with some trepidation as I, frankly, don't trust Facebook. But, I thought I'd give it a try to see if it helps me to connect better with some of my professional friends. I realize this may be the perfect reason for some of you to unfriend me on Facebook. In fact, I can easily imagine that many of you now have your finger poised above that unfriend button ... well, don't worry, I promise to keep my posts down to a few dozen per day.

Also, Facebook friends, if you want a little more information about my video analysis tool project, check out my most previous blog posting.

Back to Lloyd's "Major Accomplishment"...

Yes, I think I fixed the problem. Adding this one line of code to the card script seems to have solved the problem:

   set the playRate of player "player" to 1

Not sure why this was needed as the LiveCode user manual says that the playRate is set to 1 by default, and I never had set it otherwise. (Heck, I didn't even know the playRate property existed!) As I was trying out the Windows version, it looked like the video was playing correctly, but just at a tremendously fast rate. For example, I would press the "Play button" and the video would play all the way to the end in about a second, with the "buzzing insect" sound of video in extreme fast forward. When I clicked on a clip, it correctly only played from the clip's start frame to the clip's end frame, but in about a millisecond. So, I hunted around in the LiveCode dictionary and found out about the playRate property.

So, if there are any Windows users out there that want to try out my video analysis tool prototype, now is your chance. I've updated the prototype's Web page with information about this new option.

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