Sunday, January 25, 2015

LiveCode at UGA's Digital Learning Conference

The second annual Digital Learning Conference was held Friday and Saturday here in Athens at the University of Georgia. I did my best to have LiveCode well represented. It was a wonderful conference, thanks to all the organizers and volunteers, especially my colleagues Dr. Christa Deissler and Dr. Theodore (TJ) Kopcha. There were some amazing, high quality sessions, such as those by innovative folks like Cat Flippen and Gary Shattuck. Very impressive stuff.

I did a LiveCode workshop and also presented my video analysis tool project. Not too many people attended my workshop, but several people asked me about it during the conference. I also used this opportunity to create another LiveCode "first project" (i.e. a fun first project designed especially for people who have never programmed before). I called it "Travel the USA!" and I think it worked well.

The conference had a participatory theme. Presenters were encouraged to propose sessions that emphasized interaction and hands-on activities. This motivated me to create a beta tester web site for people interested in trying out my video analysis tool. I barely pulled off the development of this web site in time for my session, but it all worked well. I designed my one-hour session as a mini-workshop about my video analysis tool. And, I now have a way to easily give people access to the tool while also gathering some important usability data from people with real interest in doing video analysis. I used a delightful video called "A Toy Train in Space" to demonstrate my video analysis tool - check it out:

As always, I enjoy introducing people who have never programmed before to LiveCode and what you can do with it.

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  1. Well done, Lloyd. I appreciate the good work you do sharing LiveCode with others in the educational community.