Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lloyd Emerges from His Teaching Fog

It's been quite awhile since my last posting - well over two months - but that doesn't mean I haven't been using LiveCode. In fact, I've made significant progress over the past two months on several LiveCode projects, including my Q Sort tool. I've been teaching two online courses for the University of Georgia this summer. Both began on June 4 and are now just wrapping up. These summer courses are short and intense, but I love teaching this way. I go into a wonderful kind "teaching fog." For me, a "teaching fog" is where I'm immersed in teaching to the point that almost every waking minute is spent thinking about my teaching.

But, back to LiveCode. I created several LiveCode projects as part of my summer teaching and I'm anxious to write about them in my blog. I'll do so by going backwards by sharing the last project I did and then sharing the others in reverse order. Some were big and some were really small. One little app I made that proved to be very useful took all of five minutes to create. But others were much more substantive and took quite of bit of time. One of the courses I taught was on educational software design and I introduced everyone to LiveCode. I created several more "LiveCode First Projects" for them and I'm pretty excited by how they turned out.

The first project I'll share - in a separate post coming later today or tomorrow - is an app I made for the second course I've been teaching for UGA. (I informally titled the course after my MOOC of the same name: "Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals.") The app is both a tool and demonstration of something called the Permutation Test of Exact Inference. Yes, I'm sure you can hardly wait.

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