Sunday, September 6, 2015

Short Reprieve for my AECT LiveCode Workshop

I was notified by the AECT leadership that not enough people had registered for my proposed workshop on LiveCode at the upcoming AECT Conference in Indianapolis, November 3-7, 2015. Consequently, they were going to remove it from the AECT conference site. However, I reminded them that they had inadvertently left it off of the conference workshop web page, an error I caught only months later. They also remembered that I had full attendance the last few years. So, they have given my workshop a temporary reprieve and left it up on the conference site.

So, if anyone is going to attend the conference and you have an interest in learning about LiveCode and computer programming, please sign up for my workshop pronto - I don't know how much longer the AECT folks will give it.

Here are the details about the workshop:

Computer Programming for Mere Mortals Using LiveCode

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lloyd P. Rieber
The University of Georgia

Short Description

This workshop will demonstrate how to use the LiveCode programming language ( ) to create software programs that can be delivered in multiple formats, including native apps for the iPhone and the Android.  No prior knowledge about programming is needed. LiveCode uses a natural programming language based on HyperTalk (this was the language of Apple's HyperCard from several years ago).


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the object-based programming language of LiveCode. LiveCode is used to create desktop, Internet, database, network, and mobile applications. Applications built with LiveCode are completely cross-platform. That means you can run any application you create on all major modern operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS. Applications can also run on mobile platforms, including Apple iOS and Android. LiveCode uses a natural programming language based on HyperTalk. (This was the language of Apple's HyperCard from several years ago. In fact, old HyperCard stacks can be opened and run in LiveCode with little or no revision to the original code.)

Two particular examples will be demonstrated. The first is an iPhone app called “Lunar Hotel Shuttle,” currently available through Apple’s App store. This app – completely designed and developed in LiveCode – is a space fantasy game where you control a special space shuttle as it lands on the moon. This game accurately simulates the physics principles of gravity, velocity, and acceleration. The second is a video analysis tool that allows users to identify video clips, then code them for analysis.

The workshop will use a project-based approach where participants build small-scale working games and simulations from scratch. These projects, along with videos, can be found at the workshop’s web site:

In this half-day workshop, we will demonstrate the following skills and objectives:

Understanding the Structure of a LiveCode stack: Cards, Stacks, & Files
Using Media and Other External Resources
The Structure of a Script
Types of Handlers
LiveCode Messages and Events
Commands and Functions
Variables and Functions
Making Decisions: If…Then…Else
Configuring an iOS Application
Working with the Apple SDK
iOS-specific Engine Features: Mouse, multi-touch, and motion

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