Sunday, May 5, 2013

Graphing with LiveCode, Part 1: Colorful Addendum

It really bothered me how boring my last post was. So, here is a little example of what one could do with the skills described in my last post, coupled with a little knowledge of variables and random numbers.

Here is the script from a button titled appropriately enough "Draw Colorful Lines at Random":

global varX, varY, varXprev, varYprev, varRGB1, varRGB2, varRGB3

on mouseUp
   choose brush tool
   set the brush to 32
   set the dragSpeed to 0
   put 250 into varXprev
   put 250 into varYprev
   repeat until the mouseclick
      hide button "Draw Random Colorful Lines"
      hide button "Erase"
      put round(random(500)) into varX
      put round(random(500)) into varY
      put round(random(255)) into varRGB1
      put round(random(255)) into varRGB2
      put round(random(255)) into varRGB3
      set the brushColor to varRGB1, varRGB2, varRGB3
      drag from varXprev, varYprev to varX, varY
      put varX into varXprev
      put varY into varYprev
   end repeat
   choose browse tool
   show button "Erase"
end mouseUp

I hope you can quickly see that it is nothing more than a quickly revised script of the button "Draw Lines" from my previous post.

Here is a screenshot of the program after running for 60 seconds:

And, this static image, "avant-garde" as it is, is nothing compared to being mesmerized by watching the program run.

There, I feel better.

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  1. Hi,

    I Think you need to add in code that sets the Erase button to the top layer before you show it. Otherwise it is hidden by all the line.

    --set the layer of button "Erase" to top
    -- show button "Erase"

    I also added code to show the draw button after erasing. So, in the "Erase" button mouseUp
    choose select tool
    drag from 0,0 to 500,500
    choose browse tool
    show button "Draw Random Colorful Lines"

    You can also change the code in the Draw button to say "hide me" rather than having to explicitly reference the calling object.